A Burlesque Review



Written by: Ellen Chorley 

Choreography by: Leah Patterson




Ellen Chorley

LeTabby Lexington
Violette Coquette

Madelaine Knight

Kiki Quinn

Sydney Parcey





SITG - With Glowing Hearts - Kiki Quinn
With Glowing Hearts  - Poster - Print.jpg
SITG - With Glowing Hearts - Sarah Jackson
SITG - With Glowing Hearts - Ellen Chorley
SITG - With Glowing Hearts - Delia Barnett
SITG - With Glowing Hearts - Burlesque Does the Famous Five
SITG - With Glowing Hearts - Group Photo
SITG - With Glowing Hearts - Burlesque Does the Edmonton Grads
SITG - With Glowing Hearts - Madelaine Knight
SITG - With Glowing Hearts - Sydney Parcey


"With glowing hearts, we see thee rise!" 

Send in the Girls Burlesque, Edmonton's award winning smart, sexy, storytellers brings their newest show - With Glowing Hearts: A Canadian Burlesque Revue to Edmonton for the Fringe Festival. 

Celebrating the local history and the untold story of Canadian feminists, heroines, and trail blazers, With Glowing Hearts is a Burlesque revue extravaganza celebrating Canadian women throughout history. With a rocking CANCON (that's all Canadian songs) soundtrack, and performances from Delia Barnett, Sarah Jackson, Madelaine Knight, Kiki Quinn and Sydney Parcey, choreography by Leah Paterson and hosted by the incomparable Albertan feminist Nellie McClung (Ellen Chorley)- you won't want to miss this patriotic party!