Shakespeare's Sirens


Send in the Girls Burlesque's critically acclaimed revue that celebrates theatre's most infamous bard, William Shakespeare. Queen Elizabeth has hauled William Shakespeare into court for a frank discussion on how the playwright pens his female characters. Ruined virgins, murderous queens, man-crazy maidens, wicked witches, psycho shrews? Perhaps Will has some explaining to do about the way he writes his most famous femmes. This sassy revue features appearances from Viola, Imogen, Rosalind, Portia, Hermia, Katerina, Cordelia, The Midnight Hags, Lady MacBeth, Hero, Beatrice, Ophelia, Juliet and more!

LeTabby Lexington Dot Dot Dot (Ellen Chorley)

Violette Coquette Scarlet VonBomb

Hosted by

Rusty Kingfisher

Morgan Smith

Script by

Ellen Chorley with Morgan Smith and C.J. Rowein

Group Choreography
Leah Paterson

Costumes by

Andrew Wujkowski

Elise Scarytale Truong

Jamie-Anne Ireland

Delia Barnett