" Fantastic performance, ladies! Very electric show you put on! I hope to see you again in the near future!"
-Daniel James Street Sim (Facebook)
Tudor Queens, 2011

"5 stars--seriously. This will not remain a mere Fringe play, I swear. Big bouquet to Ellen and all."

-Peg Young (Facebook)
Tudor Queens, 2011

"Just got home from this show and I have to say, it was truly amazing! I love the Burlesque art form. I love the variety of body types on that stage tonight (made me think maybe a not so perfect girl like me could actually be sexy). I love the topic of this show. I realize that a burlesque show typically isn't the kind of show that could make a person a little bit weepy, but I have to say, this one did!...This show deserves 5 out of 5 stars! I LOVED IT!"

- Michelle Oxier (Facebook)
Tudor Queens, 2011


"I just saw A Bronte Burlesque for the second time--still as delicious as the first time. So well done!"

- Martine Partridge ‏(Twitter)
Bronte Burlesque, 2014

Your Majesties,

"Congratulations" is just not enough after a show so uniquely splendid. I caught Tudor Queens at the Fringe, and again tonight --and again I feel perfectly rocked.

That was funny and moving, sexy and charming. One almost expects to see a weak link in any ensemble, but you are truly gifted performers, one and all.

I won't dare to imagine how much work you put in to create such a well-paced and polished show. But I sincerely hope you are all very, very proud of the powerfully feminine achievement that is Tudor Queens.

With jaw-dropped appreciation,

Bill Johnson (Facebook)
Tudor Queens, 2013


"Incredible show!! I can't find enough stars to thank you all for a fantastic performance."
- Mike Hudema (Facebook)
Bronte Burlesque, 2012

"It was nothing that I expected, but ended up being everything I wanted. Props to the four of you!"

-Dajana Fabjanovich (Twitter)
Bronte Burlesque, 2014

"Only show at the Fringe I saw twice and it was well worth it! You ladies are fantastic! The humor, the sexiness, the story, the singing...Queen Kitty (hilarious!), Queen Jane (passionate!), Queen Katherine (regal!), Queen Anne (spunky!), Queen Anne (said it once, I'll say it again...amazing voice) & Queen Katherine Parr (sharp-as-a-tack wit!)...great job ladies, your holdover is well worth it! Much success!"
- Michelle Oxier (Facebook)
Tudor Queens, 2011